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What to do if a coworker makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in Spokane Washington

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The workplace should be a safe place where workers can be productive without fear or intimidation or discrimination. So what happens when the place where you are supposed to feel relaxed becomes unsafe or when you are faced with discrimination? 

A worker who feels that their work site is harmful or unsafe should take immediate action. 

You shouldn’t wait for the situation to get worse before making a complaint. Contact our Washington employment law team at the Gilbert Law Firm, and we will help you determine your next best steps.

Making a complaint about a coworker in Washington

If you believe you are under any form of discrimination or threat — physical or mental — at your Washington place of work, you should  file a complaint with your employe,  ask for an investigation, and protection from further acts of discrimination or retaliation.

Report to Your Boss or Someone with Authority

If a hostile or aggressive person confronts you in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable, afraid or frightened, you should report the incident to  someone in authority and document the report in writing. 

If there’s no solution after reporting to your boss and the problem persists, you should report the issue further up the chain of command, or directly to the Human Resources department. The Human Resources department is in the right place to handle issues like this professionally and confidentially.

If the behavior continues unchecked and  you feel unsafe because your coworker threatened you with physical harm, you may also report this to the police.

Your workplace should be a safe environment free from any form of violence and intimidation. If you feel unsafe at any time while executing your duty, waste no time to report your boss, HR or the police, depending on the level of threat. 

Hiring a Washington employment attorney early on is vital to ensuring your case is successful and the harassment ends.

Contact a Washington employment lawyer today

Our Spokane-based team of attorneys at The Gilbert Law Firm has been helping clients handle employment and discrimination cases for years. To learn how the Gilbert Law Firm can help you, contact us today.

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