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Aggressive, smart and principled. Gives you straight answers."

- Rolando S.

“In my experiences working with Mr. Gilbert I came to understand that he is completely committed to providing the best legal care possible to his clients. Mr. Gilbert is a trustworthy attorney who routinely goes above and beyond the nine-to-five, setting high professional standards for himself and his staff but balancing those expectations with genuine care and compassion for his clients and their circumstances.”

- Jennifer C.

When I first approached Mr. Gilbert to take my DUI case, he advised me that he typically doesn't do criminal law. However, upon my insistence he agreed to take my case. No only was I charged with a DUI, it had special circumstances that could have ended not so favorably for me. Mr. Gilbert not only did a full investigation, but also consulted with experts. Mr. Gilbert was able to reduce my DUI charge to a Negligence charge. Mr. Gilbert was professional, effective as well as making sure I knew how my decision to allegedly drink and drive could have had more dire consequences to not just me but to others. I recommend him without hesitation and should you find yourself in a situation, criminal or not, where you need representation hire Mr. Gilbert!"

- B.J.H

I would recommend Gilbert Law Firm to anyone who is going through it and need representation that you can trust. They have been nothing but upfront and honest with me and are handling my needs accordingly. Thank you Ashley, Bill, and Suzette. I really appreciate your services."

- Greg M.

Wow! I felt so much better after contacting Ms. Richards. I was seeking a 2nd opinion on a legal procedural matter. She quickly sized up the situation and schooled me. She's good, I sensed she's honest, compassionate and smart and not dismissive.. She listened, I nearly made a mistake cause I was emotional. I liked her style.."

- David

Top in his field! After my son was seriously injured in a car accident we were overwhelmed with the bills and paperwork from the hospitals and insurances. Bill Gilbert was highly recommended to us by a friend who experienced the same thing. He was confident, professional and knowledgeable in every area. He helped us understand the process and took care of everything! We couldn't be happier with the results of Bill's ability and the outcome from our son's situation."

- Monica

I am a lawyer myself and was the CEO and General Counsel for a Japanese-owned advanced technology company in Moses Lake for fifteen years. When I needed an attorney to protect me, Bill Gilbert was recommended to me and he did a fabulous job. he represented my son as well. Bill knows the law and he understands the strategies needed to apply the law against unethical companies and sleazy people. If you need solid, intelligent, honest, legal representation, Bill Gilbert is the best choice in the state of Washington. "

- Mike

Bill is an experienced attorney who will be the best advocate for your interests. He does not over-charge or run up bills. He is only interested in helping you achieve a fair outcome in your favor. You can trust his advice and you should actively seek it."

- Grateful Customer

Ashley Richards has been wonderful to my husband and myself, she jumped right in to help after another lawyer had dropped a bunch of cases without notifying anyone. She has been thorough and explains things well. She is a very enthusiastic and uplifting person and does not have an uppity attitude like some professionals get. I really appreciate her down to earth nature."

- Laura S.

On two occasions I have been in situations that put me at risk. In both instances, the twists and turns of societal thinking alongside legal precedents were beyond my ability to navigate and made it look doubtful that I would be able to defend my rights and protect myself, while maintaining my integrity. Ashley counseled me in the legal aspects of my situation and guided me through the situation where I was able to fulfill the requirements of the law and maintain my integrity. I am pleased to say that I was released from my lease with a full refund of the damage deposit and I have not lost or even compromised my personal values. I think I am most pleased to say that, with all the bad press and distrust of the American legal community, I actually feel positive about our legal system. There really are well-informed, seasoned attorneys with integrity."

- Anonymous

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