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A Different Kind of Law Firm

A Different Kind of Law FirmA Different Kind of Law FirmA Different Kind of Law Firm

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It's About You

What?  What do you mean it all begins with me?  Doesn’t it all begin with greedy lawyers wanting to make money? 


Wrong!  Mr. William (Bill) Gilbert established his law firm with an ingrained passion and fire for helping the injured, the bullied and the oppressed.  Our clients are the most important part of our law practice.  Unlike other law firms with the primary goal of profit, we spend the time to get to know you, your family, your dreams and your challenges.  We get to know you, because only by getting to know you can we accurately tell your story to a jury that’s never met you, or a judge that’s “seen it all.” 

The reality is that a jury wants to know the “real” you, and they want to know how they can help make things right.  Your stories and your life experiences, while not identical to someone else’s life, have their roots in struggles we have all faced at one time or another.  Most of us, at some time in our lives, have been bullied, whether at school, by sibling or a tyrannical boss.  Likewise, we all have sustained some type of injury growing up.  The injury could have been as minor as a skinned knee or an ankle sprain, or something more serious requiring surgery and therapies.  Our lawyers work hard to put themselves in your shoes, and try to see the facts from your perspective.  We accomplish this by using techniques learned over countless hours spent working on building trial skills using psychodramatic methods learned at the Trail Lawyer’s College.

As a teacher at the Trial Lawyer’s College founded by Jerry Spence, Mr. Gilbert, has helped hundreds of attorney’s learn valuable trial skills designed specifically to help lawyers become authentic client advocates in order to connect with the jury in a real and meaningful way.  As a result, Mr. Gilbert is often in high demand and we receive requests frequently from collogues to assist  with trials in Washington, Idaho and across the Nation. 

Due to Mr. Gilbert’s unique approach to client centered representation, Ashley Richards, joined the Gilbert Law Firm to work with Mr. Gilbert, as she also shared the same focus and passion for her clients.  Ms. Richards has also attended and graduated the Trial Lawyer’s College.  Both  Mr. Gilbert and Ms. Richards passionately represent individuals that have sustained catastrophic injuries..  Our firm is highly dedicated to improving the lives of those that have sustained traumatic brain injuries, and we work with the health care community to make sure that our clients have the best opportunity to receive knowledgeable and quality rehabilitative care. While we want to assist our clients in surviving the trauma in their lives, we also want to make sure our clients have every opportunity to thrive and reintegrate into the community in a meaningful way. Both Mr. Gilbert and Ms. Richards have an unyielding dedication to stand up for those that cannot advocate for themselves.  

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your family, and consider it an honor and a privilege.  Contact our office should you need assistance due to a traumatic event.  


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