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Car Accidents

Top 3 Things to Look For When Choosing Attorney to Represent You after an Accident

By October 26, 2021March 14th, 2024No Comments

Given the complexity and challenges involved in many accident cases, hiring a competent attorney is vital for getting an outcome in your favor. 

Of course, you want someone who has the knowledge of the relevant laws and precedent cases, but you will also require someone with extensive experience with the relevant legal system and parties involved. Plus, if you are dealing with an opponent with deep pockets like a trucking company, you will need someone with outstanding bargaining and strategizing skills.

Our team at the Gilbert Law Firm is here for you. We have the legal experience, the personal experience, and the courtroom experience to fight for you and your case and make sure you feel heard every step of the way. From our Washington team, here’s the top 3 things to look for when choosing your accident lawyer.

1. Quality of Representation

While the law may seem like a technical issue in which feuding attorneys highlight the most pertinent legal statutes and case precedents, there is a human element that shouldn’t be ignored. 

A lawyer who has more experience with the parties in your case (i.e., insurance companies, judges, and health care providers) is also more likely to secure cooperation that could provide a critical advantage.

Of course, you want to hire a lawyer that is in command of all the legal statutes and concepts that apply to your case, but you also need someone who is proficient at taking those details and presenting them to a judge, jury, or insurer in a convincing way.

2. Personability and Willingness to Listen

It is fine to choose an attorney who is legally qualified to handle your case, but don’t let that be the only criteria. 

You are entrusting your future with this legal advisor and representative, so it is wise to look for someone you trust and are likely to have a good relationship with. You could be spending dozens or hundreds of hours with this person, so it helps to have someone you like.

In addition to trustworthiness and personal appeal, you may want to prioritize their commitment to their clients. Many people choose an attorney on competence and likability alone but fail to realize that they aren’t returning phone calls or sharing key details of the case. It is important to have an attorney that prioritizes client wellbeing and truly listens to their clients’ wants and needs. 

You may be biting your nails about how you are going to pay for hospital bills, lost wages or a disability, so it is comforting to have an attorney that is not only informing you about the progress of the case, but will also make the extra effort to help you through every aspect of your struggle.

3. Proven Trial Record

About 5% of all auto accident cases go to trial, so it is unlikely that your case will go before a judge or jury. 

However, you still want to hire an attorney with a strong trial history. It is just more prudent to have an attorney that can handle every kind of eventuality rather than hope for the best. 

It is also important to have a strong negotiator working for you. If your attorney has a proven track record when taking cases to trial, this bodes well in case you must take it to trial, but it also adds strength to your bargaining position.

Trust the Gilbert Law Firm with Your Accident Case

If you need a lawyer to handle your personal injury case, the Gilbert Law Firm is here to help. With decades of combined experience handling accident settlements and litigation and millions of dollars recovered, the Gilbert Law Firm has made its reputation as a firm Washington clients know and trust. To learn how the Gilbert Law Firm can help you, contact us today.

Lawyers who listen.

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