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Car Accidents

Should I Consult a Lawyer after a Multi-vehicle Accident in Spokane Washington?

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In 2019, more than 45,500 car accidents happened in Washington state. In the U.S. population as a whole, almost 77 percent of drivers have been involved in a car accident. 

It may seem like a straightforward car accident which can be handled by the insurance companies, but a multi-vehicle accident should probably prompt you to seek legal advice as soon as possible. 

A multi-vehicle accident means that there are more parties that could potentially file a lawsuit. More parties means a greater likelihood that someone was injured or that property was damaged. 

Experienced personal injury attorneys like our team at the Gilbert Law Firm have seen this time and again, and we can work to see that your rights are protected and that your interests are fully served.

Injuries After a Multi-Vehicle Crash

You should consider speaking to an attorney as soon as possible if you or someone else was hurt in a multi-vehicle accident. Not only is there the risk of a civil lawsuit that could cost you thousands of dollars, but if there were illicit substances like alcohol or prescription pain killers involved, you could be facing criminal charges.

If you were injured in the accident, then you want an attorney to investigate the multi-vehicle accident and determine who is negligent, or at fault. 

You may assume that your insurer is looking out for your best interests, but if they are left on the hook for your medical bills, they could try to evade their financial responsibilities. An attorney can make sure that every party pays their full share.

You or someone else involved in the accident could develop injuries some time after the incident, as well, which could greatly complicate the process of finding fault and assigning compensatory responsibilities. 

In this case, you could need an attorney to ensure that all other parties accept their fault in your injury rather than arguing that it is unrelated to the multi-vehicle accident.

Determining Fault in Washington

It can be difficult to determine who is at fault even in a two-car accident. 

In a multi-vehicle accident, this process is often even more complicated, as every party tries to minimize their role in the collision and assign blame to others. 

The reality is that more than one party is usually at fault in a multi-vehicle accident. Because Washington is a comparative negligence state, every party that was partially at fault must pay a proportionate amount of the damages.

  • For example, if driver A is 50 percent responsible for the accident, driver B is 30 percent responsible and driver C is 10 percent responsible, then you (as driver D) should recover 90 percent of the damages related to your injuries.

In most multi-vehicle accidents, the damages are paid out by insurance companies who will negotiate a settlement between them rather than litigate the matter. 

If you accept a settlement offer, you will be required to sign a contract agreeing not to pursue further action.

Before You Settle, Talk to Our Team at the Gilbert Law Firm

If you are injured in a multi-vehicle accident in Spokane, talk to the Gilbert Law Firm before you accept a settlement offer. Not only could you be accepting a fraction of what you are owed, but you could be signing away your ability to recover much more from those who are responsible for your pain and suffering. 

To speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact the Gilbert Law Firm today.

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