Brain Injury

Brain Injury

At Gilbert Law Firm, P.S., our goal is to help head injury survivors and their families.  We want you to not only survive, but to also thrive.  Our attorney’s genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of the clients we serve.  Traumatic Brain Injuries have been called the silent epidemic.  They’ve been referred to as the silent epidemic, because unless you suffer a skull fracture or brain bleed requiring surgery, there is no obvious visual injury simply by looking at someone.  

Emergency Medical Care

Many emergency care medical professionals tell traumatic brain injury patients that don’t require surgical intervention, they simply have a “mild concussion” and they should be good in a few days.  While this may be true for some individuals, for others, they walk around in fog, with strange things happening to them, that they can’t explain.  Their once happy go lucky attitude is replaced with frustration and a short fuse.  Loved ones are confused and don’t know why things have changed so drastically.  A once reliable father or mother, is forgetting to pick up kids, or sleeping in the middle of the day, or is found curled up in a dark corner due to extreme head pain.  Bright lights and sounds send their loved one into an instant rage, or they watch as the injured person shuts down completely and is un-responsive.  Word finding, reading, comprehension and memory seem to be challenges now, and no one explained that this could happen, or what they should do to get help.  For all they know their spouse is dis-satisfied with them, arguments ensue, and they start to believe there is no hope for the relationship.

Every Head Injury is Different

The above area just a few things that some head injured people experience.  Because every head injury is different, you or your loved one may be dealing with all the above, some of the above, or other things like balance, visual perception issues, or extreme depressive symptoms.  The majority of survivors experience depression at some point, due to the injury to the brain.  In fact, there is a 75% higher risk of suicide among head injury survivors than those who have never sustained a traumatic brain injury.  (Journal Of The American Medical Association, Aug. 14, 2018.)  Because we understand this, and the incredible stresses our traumatic brain injury survivors and their families face, we do our best to not just get you money for your injury, but also to assist you through the recovery process, and let our clients know about medical providers familiar with traumatic brain injury that may be able to assist them in recovery.  We want our clients to be able to live productive and healthy lives.  Those traumatic brain injury survivors that go undiagnosed, live in denial and/or are never offered supportive services, often end up homeless and floundering to survive.  This something we try very hard to avoid.